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Star Battle Terrain sets

Bunker – Sanctuary Range

Grav Loader – Sanctuary Range

Guard Tower – Sanctuary Range

Landing Platform – Sanctuary Range

Laser Turret – Sanctuary Range

Outpost Builder Walls – Sanctuary Range

Outpost Forcefield Gate – Sanctuary Range

Power Generator – Sanctuary Range

Scatter Wars 1 – Sanctuary Range

Scatter Wars 2 – Sanctuary Range

Shield Generator – Sanctuary Range

Transmission Substation – Sanctuary Range


Sci Fi Terrain sets

Alpha 1 (for both Left + Right versions)

Alpha 2

Ammo Boxes (+Cargo Boxes)

Bridge Walkways

Cargo Boxes (+Ammo Crates)

Civilian Vehicle

COMM Tower

COMM-Sat Objectives


Contemplation Lookout

Disposal Unit

Exothermic H3AT-R Objectives

Force Shield Walls

Heavy Goods Truck

Hexdome Columns

Holo Billboard


Objective Room

Platform X-1

Power Generator – Light Up


Traffic Control Overhang

Transport Shelter



Historical Terrain sets


La Belle Alliance

Old Barn


Fantasy Terrain sets