Contemplation Lookout

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Look out over the cityscape & contemplate your enemies destruction

(or shoot a missile…that works too).

The Contemplation Lookout is a great new addition for your tabletop scifi games. Featuring a unique exciting look and plenty of gameplay options to bring your battle to life on and around this terrain piece.

The platform has modular options, including removable surrounding rails to vary cover and the central bio display, along with the inside tray component, can be removed and used anywhere on your table!

The Bio Display looks great with a few plants added in, or make it into a calming pond (as shown in images)…or even queue up your favourite anime scenes and place a phone into the tray for a dynamic visual effect in your game. Also included with the kit is a set of 4 advertising signs to attach to the sides.

Features include:

  • Pre-primed white in our stay shiny masking system – peel off for a clean look or great for airbrush painters!
  • Modular removable Bio Display and Rails.
  • Movable ladder access and space to game below
  • Phone viewport in Bio Display (accepts phones up to 149x104x12mm)
  • Includes 4 optional Ad signs to attach to sides.
  • Approx 25x27cm footprint and maximum height of 21cm to top of Bio Display
  • Platform height fully compatible with our Alpha City range for bridging across

Made from 3mm MDF and Acrylic

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SciFi Lookout Platform 28-32mm. Perfect for games such as as Infinity, WH40K, Star Wars Legion, Warpath and more!

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