Dice Tray Battle Box

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The home of the Battle Box. Treat your dice and tabletop gaming tokens to something special!

This rather spiffing Battle Box has several compartments perfect to safely house your table top gaming tokens, templates and dice.

The neatly fitting lid lifts off to reveal a laser engraved faux leather dice tray. Your dice are guaranteed to feel pampered and deliver their ultimate potential (actual results may vary). The exterior is engraved with New Zealand inspired motifs to further lift your kiwi battle spirit to even greater heights.

Especially designed to work with Warlord Games Bolt Action (as shown in images), but works equally well with a variety of tabletop games.

Comes standard with Battle Kiwi logo, or can be custom laser engraved to match your army or game!

Dice tray outside dimensions: 26cm x 15.8cm

*Custom factions and markings available on request!*


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Laser cut dice tray with faux leather insert for soft dice protecting rolling and New Zealand style engraving surround. Interior box with space for your tabletop gaming dice, templates and tokens.

Available with laser engraved custom markings to match your army or game.

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