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Neon Walls

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This set of Neon Walls provides great looking scatter terrain and gives your troops some much needed cover when they’re out patrolling the city gardens of the future!
Combine it with the Courtyard Bundle for an instantly cool looking area for your tabletop set up.

Wall Set Includes: Contains 4 x long walls + 4 x short walls
Bundle Includes: Wall Set + The courtyard base.

Comes pre-painted in off white using our Stay Shiny System, ready masked for quick and easy painting!

Long walls: 140mm x 21mm high
Short walls: 56 x 21mm high
Courtyard area: 319mm x 209mm

Made from laser cut 3mm MDF and acrylic pieces – requires assembly.

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The Alpha City range is our easy to build terrain. Combine it with the Alpha City range for a complete gaming table! Perfect for games like  Infinity and Warhammer 40k. Laser cut neon walls made from acrylic and MDF.

Ideal for futuristic sci fi tabletop gaming.
Supplied prepainted in an off white and grey on reverse side – requires assembly + glue.

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