The Portal

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The Portal…will you gaze into it’s light and conjure demons from the abyss, or step through to another land filled with fluffy unicorns and cotton candy trees? Roll some dice and find out 😉

This exciting light up tabletop terrain piece is great for a large variety of games, whether your fighting epic battles of Age of Sigmar and Kings of War, leading your crew of misfits in Malfaux and Frostgrave, or delving into dungeons that are best left alone. A great looking feature piece to enhance your games.


  • LED portal lighting with on/off switch underneath.
  • Lights available in Blue, Green and Red.
  • Pre-primed grey, looks great straight away, or even better with a little time.
  • 30x23cm footprint and 14cm high

Laser cut MDF and acrylic. Requires glue for assembly & 3xAAA batteries for lighting.

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28-32mm laser cut mdf tabletop portal terrain piece, for fantasy wargaming. Great for Age of Sigmar, Malifaux, Frostgrave, Dungeons and Dragons, Kings of War and more!

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